Rebel Arts
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Science. Knowledge based on direct experience which produces predictable, reproducible results. The bedrock of civilization.  It was through observation and experimentation that we created tools, tamed fire, and proliferated across the planet. The role of science in shaping humanities marvelous journey cannot be over stated. Every facet of our modern lives is made possible by science. A body of knowledge improved upon over a millennia of curiosity, questioning, doubt, and discovery. It is what we know about the world that has allowed us to create the world. 

Art. It is to make. To employ imagination in the expression of our world through which humanity can share the intangible. Whether used to express feelings, ideas, or knowledge, art reaches out to connect the observer with the observed. 

At Rebel Arts, we believe deeply in this union of imagination and knowledge. We look to science to inform the imagination. Imagination to spark curiosity. Curiosity to fuel discovery. Discovery to reveal science. This virtuous cycle forms the foundation of our simple mission: to expand humanities understanding of science.

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